Maqam Massage

Ancient Form of Sound Healing: Maqam Massage
We are rediscovering the power of Sound ... Voice ... Touch ...
Deep Psychic Cleansing and Chakra Opening
Traditional North African and Middle Eastern Modes offer dozens of avenues
into our ancient inner emotional beings.
Audiences listening to Music sung in these Ancient microtonal "quartertonal" Modes
know as "Maqams" frequently comment:
"It feels like I've known this music for centuries..."
Maqam Massage Reviews:

"Cameron's Maqam Massage has put me in touch with the ancient wisdom in my bones! His combination of musical and personal attunement is like nothing I have ever experienced before! It feels like he was actually able to connect me with what's in my DNA! Speaking as a long-time body-worker and one who has experienced many varieties of healing work over the years, I can say whole-heartedly that Cameron's Maqam Massage is deep and transformative and very sacred. Cameron is sensitive compassionate and very skilled." -- Dakini Lynn Marlow MA CMT
"I feel amazing... so transformed..
Your voice is gorgeous and those notes! ohmigod... so powerful!
I feel different... I feel open... really open...
All my chakras feel very powerful...
I never experienced anything like that!
That's astonishing! peaceful... centered... I feel a lot of clearing...
I can't explain the way I feel...
And I've had so many different kinds of healing sessions...
Every week I had something different you name it: rolfing, toning…
But now I feel so opened... cleared... tuned... deepened... grounded... centered...
I don't feel any emotional pain or sadness!
I feel transparent.. breezy... light... airy... really blissful joyful clear...
You are such an instrument… man! wow powerful!
I kept seeing beautiful colorful soft desert sand!
It was night time and I could hear you from a distance...
I could feel myself sitting there in the sand... it was so peaceful and beautiful and serene...
You put me there... I was there... in a very soft sand with marvelous colors...
Hearing you in my meditation as an echo from afar..." -- Angela
Cameron Powers has developed a technique for helping anyone experience the inner awakening, cleansing and peacefulness which can happen with exposure to these ancient modes.
Maqam Massage may work for you.
When conflicting energies arise in your psyche, come feel the immediate integration and peacefulness which result from Maqam Massage.
Call Cameron at 303-898-6125 for appointment: $75 per hour-long session with additional half-hour for consultation and evaluation included. VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER cards all ok!
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Cameron Powers is author of "Arabic Musical Scales: Basic Maqam Teachings" and veteran of Boulder, Colorado-based Balkan and Middle Eastern Band “Sherefé & The Habibis.”
Cameron's studies and experiences over many decades in Greece, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey has formed the foundation for his knowledge of these techniques.
Every effort will be made to promptly schedule Maqam Massages for the times when you feel the need for help... Call today.

A powerful and unique ancient microtonal sound healing session.

The 1000-year-old maqam music of Fertile Crescent, Nile River Valley and Mesopotamian origins can be focused directly on you in a loving and healing environment.
My 35 years of study and practice singing and playing in these maqam modes now enables me to surround your auric field and cradle your physical body with these ancient musical improvisations.
Spiritual starvation in our modern Westernized world is all-too-common and well-known. My maqam massages surround you with custom varieties of ancient modes which I will personally select to support your needs and desired directions for growth. With dozens of ancient musical scales to draw from I can introduce emotionally stimulating energies of sound which are both simple and complex. These modes are simple in their potential for being absolutely harmonious and in-tune but complex in the variety of ancient archetypical emotional states which they can produce.
I can deliver a maqam massage in either purely acoustic form or, more powerfully, as part of a simple hands-on massage which enables me to send the healing vibrations into your body. You can choose the style most beneficial for you.
I also use the nay, or ancient Egyptian reed flute, and sometimes other maqam-friendly instruments to help create the sound field.

Maqam Massages are offered in Cameron and Kristina's personal music studio in Boulder, Colorado