Improvisations in Maqam:
Ecstatic Trance Dance Music
Cameron Powers and Kristina Sophia

Egypt, Syria, Iraq: Music of the Indigenous Middle East.
Ancient Microtonal "Maqam" Music.

We are currently heading out on tour through the American Southwest and West.
We will also continue to produce regular Live Arabic Trance Dance Events in Boulder, Colorado.

Sept, 2011, Caffe Sole Video Clip:

If you got any better, you'd just melt right into God! -- Ron Aarons, Psycotherapist
Can't wait!! -- Erica
Had an ecstatic evening at Trance Dance -- Dakini
It's already on the calendar! -- Janet
Count me in and on the dance floor!
You guys really rocked the house!
Hope to see all my friends there!
Thanks for playing! We had fun whirling!
Thanks to Cameron and Kristina for another wonderful trance dance evening!
Beautiful people dancing and playing music! -- Christine
I had so much fun the last time! I am there! -- Mona
That music is magic...makes me dance -- Angela
It was really a pleasure to hear you last week. Cameron, all of you were terrific,  but you were really wonderful. I really enjoyed you musically..really tripping out..and dancing off in the corner I felt again like another instrument in the band...really really nice.  thank you!!!! -- Lindy King

I've just ordered your Singing in Baghdad : a musical mission of peace from library; your band's music a week ago Sat. at Caffe Sole blew me away with it's collective "shakti", and I've been a pro guitarist; what else might I check out, please? -- Charles Horowitz

Check out our new CD: Dancing With Your Soul

Sept 12, 2009 Video Clip:


Oct 3, 2009 Video Clip:


November 14, 2009 Video Clip: 3 hours of uninterrupted dance music
edited into a 7-minute clip! Have fun!

Your tax-deductable admission fee helps support Iraqi Refugee Children!
Become a part of Musical Missions of Peace!

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Cameron Powers and Kristina Sophia of Musical Missions of Peace
and Many More Amazing Players!